Underground Certified – I Need You!

Woo hoo! Chemistry has been “Underground Certified” by Underground Book Reviews. This respected magazine checks all submissions to ensure that they really are small/independent press books, and that they meet publication-quality requirements.

I’m happy to have cleared the first hurdle, and now there’s another – if they so choose, their book reviewers can review my book. An editorial review from Underground Book Reviews would mean a lot to me. I have an editorial review coming in January from The Midwest Book Review (my favourite quote is “Chemistry doesn’t just tell a story – it roars it”) but the more editorial reviews I get, the better.

I would be really grateful if any of you did the following things – you can vote for Chemistry to be reviewed, which helps improve visibility. You can also leave reviews/endorsements at the bottom of the page. If any of you are members, then I would be really grateful if you would hop on over. And if you aren’t a member… why not? It’s free and they have good, impartial, highly respected book reviews that exclusively focus on independent and small press books.

Happy holidays, everyone. I’m working on a holiday gift for fans of Chemistry – a holiday short story about Stella and Howie, which connects between the first and second book of the series. In other words, it will give you some interesting insights to the events in the second book which other people won’t have…

More on that in a day or two. Over and out!