With You – Bonus Story For Fans of “Chemistry”

As some of you already know, I’ve been working on making some bonus short stories about the characters in Chemistry. These include one about Howie as a child when he was first adopted by Morton Mullins,¬†and the story of how Tim and Elaine Blunt first met.

Well, the first story is ready to be read, and if you’re impatiently waiting for me to publish History, this can help fill your time.

With You takes place between Chemistry and History. Told from Howie’s POV, With You will give you a unique insight into some of the events in History, and hints at what is to come.

As the new year approaches, Stella and Howie are driven to discuss the future, and Howie must make a choice between lying to Stella and facing the truth.


Also, if you have any friends who you think should read Chemistry, tell them that Chemistry is free in the kindle store today and tomorrow (Jan 13th and 14th)!