Pre-Orders, Free Downloads, and Signed Paperbacks, Oh My!


It’s an exciting week here for me.

After YEARS of blood, sweat, and ignoring my family (YEARS), History is finally and irrevocably set for publication this Friday, Dec 15th.

It’s long. It’s dramatic. It uses the word vagina at least three times. Tim says and does embarrassing things at least four times. It’s hopefully just what fans of Stella and Howie want, except for all of those bits in between that make fans send me emails that say things like “what are you doing?? ARGGHH!”

Anyway, it’s available for pre-order at a dirt-low price, and the price will go up dramatically after publication so if you think you might read it, snag it now!

In celebration of History’s release, I’ve made Chemistry temporarily free in online stores, I’ve discounted the paperback price, and I’ve listed three signed copies on Goodreads as a giveaway!

So if you enjoyed Chemistry, please tell your friends that they can snag it for free. And if you want to win a signed copy, you can enter the giveaway below:

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Chemistry by C.L. Lynch


by C.L. Lynch

Giveaway ends January 10, 2018.

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