Chemistry: Stella Blunt Book 1

A Feminist, Body Positive Rom Zom Com

chemistry-book-cover-mockup“I’m not moving to a whole new school! I’ll be eaten alive!”

Stella Blunt’s world is ending. She has never made friends easily, and now her family has uprooted her and moved across the country to Vancouver.

She was prepared for bullying and ostracism, but nothing could have prepared her for Howard Mullins. With his pale skin, lurching walk, and tendency to stare vacantly into space, Howie is unlike anyone she has ever met before.

I bet you’re all wondering what it’s like to kiss a zombie. My problem is, I hadn’t kissed a non-zombie before, so that makes it hard to compare.

But the course of true love never did run smooth.

Why did the first semi-intelligent, caring, servile, worshipful man I had ever found have to turn out to be a zombie? And why did he have to have a creepy half-dead family? And WHY did there have to be zombie outbreak? And why the hell was I some kind of beacon for the undead?

Can Stella put down her defenses and take a chance on love, while also wielding a chainsaw?

Praise for Chemistry

“This was an AMAZING book! I could not put it down. Chemistry by C.L. Lynch is everything Twilight should have been. It is funny, empowering, and still romantic…. do yourself a favor and pick this up.” – The Roadside Reader

 “Young adult books that start with a bang tend to follow through on their promise of engrossing reads, but Chemistry follows this formula and takes it to a new level of tension…. Chemistry doesn’t just tell a story – it roars it.” – D. Donovan, The Midwest Book Review

“Delightfully funny, wickedly sharp Chemistry will tickle your fancy. C.L. Lynch has a way with words that will make you smile at the right time and perhaps even tear up with the unconventional romance that blooms between two people society has thrown away.”
– Carole P. Roman, award-winning author of the Captain No Beard series


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Author’s Notes:

Chemistry started out as a reaction to Twilight. I disliked that book so very much that I felt driven to write something that was the exact opposite, with an assertive heroine and respectful love interest. The result was Chemistry.

If you hate Twilight, then Chemistry is the book for you.

If you liked Twilight, I still think you might like Chemistry, although I warn you now: no one sparkles. Not even a little bit.

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