History: Stella Blunt Book 2

The World-Ending Sequel to Chemistry

*Beware, minor spoilers to Chemistry*

“Stella doesn’t believe in soul mates, but I do, and she’s mine.”

On the surface, Howie seems to have it all – the love of his perfect woman, the ability to sense brain waves, and immortality. But there’s a dark side to being a zombie, and it’s starting to catch up to him.

“On bad days, I know that this is just a bright spot in an otherwise barren existence: that one day she will realize that I am too young for her, that I can never get a degree, give her children, earn a pension – can never be the sort of person that she can build a life with. And then she’ll leave.

She’ll find someone else, someone who can grow old with her, someone who doesn’t start to drool unless he slurps a can of brains every morning.” 

Howie strives to keep up with Stella while also fighting his inner demons. Zombie-ism comes with certain urges, and he lives in fear that he will succumb to them.

 If Stella leaves me, I’ll deserve it, because she doesn’t even really understand what she’s dating. Not really. But I don’t dare to tell her.

While her boyfriend struggles with his urges to consume her flesh, Stella is swamped with college applications. Refusing to accept that Howie’s brain damage will prevent him from attending university, she fights the inevitable realization that she is outgrowing the love of her life.

“What am I supposed to do? Just go on to University, learn, grow, graduate, get a job, have a career, and all the while you’ll be rotating between a short order cook and a high school student? FUCK. THAT.”

What neither of them realize is that the world as they know it is on the precipice of disaster, and that they will be drawn into a plot which will make all of their worst nightmares a reality.

Can Howie face his demons and survive it? Will Stella be able to move on?

Find out in History, a sequel which is both the end, and the beginning, of everything.

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying About History… Already:

“I can’t wait for the sequel!”

“I am patiently awaiting book 2”

I want the sequel NOW!”

“[Chemistry] gave me a heartbreaking peek of Howie’s story in book 2, History, which I can predict now, would make me ugly-cry!”

Author’s Notes:


History is three-quarters written, and will probably come out in early 2018. It deals with heavier, more mature themes than Chemistry, since Stella is eighteen now, but don’t worry – her father is still as ridiculous as ever.

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