I’m So Excited Right Now

Chemistry has been available for pre-order on the Amazon kindle store for the last month and a half, and I’ve been watching it rise in the rankings as the pre-order sales come in. The pre-order finished tomorrow (Wednesday) and I guess all of the people who have been on the fence about getting the Kindle version have decided to bite the bullet while they can still get it at the pre-order price of $0.99. The book will go up to $3.99 next week.

My rankings have skyrocketed. Chemistry hit number one in its category (Teen Self Esteem fiction) in Canada first, and that was exciting enough. But yesterday I hit number one in the hot new releases section of Amazon.com for the category, too! Pretty good, considering I haven’t even published it yet!



I think I have those great goodreads reviews to thank. If you left me one of those rave reviews, thank you so much! Once my book is published on Amazon, people can start leaving me Amazon reviews, too. I’m so excited right now.

If you haven’t managed to grab Chemistry at the pre-order price, you might want to do it now. Prices go up soon! And if you’re waiting for the print edition, don’t worry. That’s coming next week.

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